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Flower bed

Whether you've already planted your flower bed years ago and it needs some TLC, or you want to have a new flower bed created, the locally owned business of J & J Lawn Care and Landscaping is the place to call. You'll be able to enjoy a fresh flower bed to give you a garden full of brilliant colors all season long.


From new plants and general maintenance to laying down landscape brick, our professionals can do it all to give you the flower bed you've always wanted.

Complement your lawn with an amazing flower bed

Flower bed services to set your property apart

After consulting with you about the flower bed design, all weeds will be hand pulled and the area will be treated with weed killer to minimize the growth of weeds in the future. Top soil of 6-8 inches will be laid in preparation of planting the flowers.


Landscapers will groom any hedges, mulch the area, and cleanup all trimmings when finished. Plants are guaranteed for at least 6 months. Let us do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty.

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Beautiful Custom-Designed Flower Bed